PADI LOVES Tasini for their commitment to building awareness about the issues facing the ocean - and providing tangible, innovative solutions to them. Tasini produces conversation - starting reusable bags that not only feature the very marine animals they are protecting, but are made from recycled plastic as well.


Tasini Shark Keychain / Reusable Bag

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Tasini Turtle Keychain / Reusable Bag

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Winner of the United Nations Plastic Pollution Innovation Award, Tasini’s reusable bags are practical, fun and remind us to care for the ocean’s most iconic marine species. With a foldable shopping bag made out of recycled plastic that tucks into a stuffed animal on a carribeaner, Tasini is making a statement – and making it easy to clean up the oceans.

One Tasini bag is made from 2 recycled plastic bottles – and can save up to 400 plastic bags from polluting the ocean. Based in Indonesia - a country divers know and love -Tasini uses proceeds to sponsor eco-educational programs within local schools, fund regional conservation projects and donate bags to at risk communities. A fair trade supporter, Tasini is thinking globally and acting locally, for the planet and all its inhabitants.