ECO-Wash Guidelines

ECO-care wash guide
At PADI, environmental sustainability is ingrained at the core of everything we do from ethical product sourcing and promoting the use of recycled materials, to repurposing ocean plastics and marine conservation. To continue our work, we want to help you care for your PADI gear, whilst keeping the environment top of mind.
Laundry is easily overlooked as a contributor to our negative human impact on the ecosystem and oceans. Energy consumption and the release of plastic microfibers from synthetic materials during the wash cycle are just two ways our habits can cause damage.
Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you care for our planet while washing and caring for your clothes:
Wash only when necessary
Washing your clothes less is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint with studies showing that, generally speaking, we wash our clothes more often than we may need to.
Try other methods to freshen up your PADI gear by airing regularly and manually removing stains.
Use lower temperatures
Did you know that the wash label on your clothes generally indicates the highest temperature you can wash your clothes without jeopardising the quality – not necessarily the recommended temperature?
While you must always make sure to check the label to avoid damaging your garment, generally speaking you are safe to wash at lower temperatures than listed on the label. Switching from warm to cold (or 60 to 30) uses a lot less energy while still delivering the desired results.
Natural, or air dry, wherever possible
Air drying is, of course, the most environmentally friendly option available and means your clothes will stay in shape and last longer without the harsh effects of tumble drying.
However, this method of drying can be challenging during the winter months. If you do use a dryer, try switching to a low heat to reduce energy consumption.
Choose eco-friendly detergent
There are plenty of eco-friendly detergents available for you to choose from, either online or at your local supermarket. Look for brands which don’t contain harmful ingredients such as optical whiteners and phosphates, and follow the instructions for use carefully.